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Where better than Bartow to choose for the county seat for Polk County? It was a generous and spirited settler Jacob Summerlin who donated the lands to the Polk County. Generosity and hospitality remain a part of the landscape today. Also known by the monikers of The City of Oaks and Azaleas and The Capitol of Imperial Polk County should give you some idea of the pride that built this fine city.

Located on the headwaters of the Peace River just says it all, but there's so much more to Bartow than meets the eye on the major thoroughfares. For all the bustling going on at the modern and expansive courthouse, take a short walk down the street to the old Polk County Courthouse and immerse yourself in local culture from pre-Columbian to the present.

Just as diverse are the real estate choices you have with us at Michael and Dee Norris Realtors. Less than 40 miles from Tampa, this town has many different style of architecture old and new that are sure to appeal to any design preference. Major film studios have chosen Bartow buildings as location sites for their character and grace. Drive by expansive colonial and gothic revival churches and homes on the way to your home in Bartow.

If you're a novice or expert gardener, you will love what you can grow in Bartow. Everyone seems to have a green thumb here. Though once famous for its phosphate mines, much of this industry has moved which allows people to move on the unusually rich soil just right for growing many kinds of plants. Local produce markets will be sure to please those who would rather relax than toil in the soil. The beautification programs here are green in every sense of the word in this modern world.

If you have children and need great schools, you have a lot of choices in Bartow, both public and private. The University of Florida has an extension facility here. Better still, if you don't like to drive, Bartow has a public bus transit system that few cities in Florida of this size accommodate.

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