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The LEGO brick was first introduced in 1958 originating from a small company that was established in Billund, Denmark back in 1932. The LEGO brick became very popular throughout Europe then transforming in mass production worldwide. This LEGO brick has transpired the imagination leading to the establishment of a total of six parks worldwide in Europe, USA and Malaysia, with the largest park located here in our home town Legoland Winter Haven Fl.

Childhood Memories

The emphasis of LEGOLAND is typically marketed to families and children under the age of 12 years, but does give you the excitement and opportunity to re live some of your childhood memories. The delight and nostalgia presents a great family experience, all in one place.  Since the opening of Legoland here in Winter Haven in 2012 has bought a magical presence to the town that we are all happy to be part of..

This, on top of the other local parks, is going to become your child's favorite place to visit, and you will be able to make this happen if you find the right homes for sale in Winter Haven FL. You will value every moment as a resident opening up many opportunities for you to explore the surrounding areas.

Location is Key

Location is key if you want to experience LEGOLAND at its best. You desire to be close enough to where you can go and participate at any time, but not so close that it affects your travel, views, or interests. When you are in the Winter Haven real estate market, you can have all of this. There are plenty of homes that are a comfortable distance away from the park, allowing you to go any time you like without it being any hassle. If your family wants to experience LEGO at its best, finding houses for sale in Winter Haven FL that are perfectly located is a necessity.

Winter Haven Real Estate

While LEGOLAND has a lot to offer, and being close is important for many families, you are also going to want to consider quality, as well. With a tremendous amount of Real Estate in the Winter Haven area it will not be hard to find a property with great characteristics. There are an abundance of remarkable homes that will provide you with high quality and the finer finishing touches you desire. A great quantity of some amazing Winter Haven FL homes for sale that will provide you with what you are searching for.

Your Trusted Resource

When participating in your search for these Winter Haven Florida homes for sale, you will require a professional service, an expert to guide you through the area, ensuring that you find the location that you want and the home that matches your expectations. We will be delighted to assist you to find the most current available Winter Haven houses for sale in and around the LEGOLAND area.

Trust in your real estate professionals to help you find the best houses for sale Winter Haven FL offers.

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Welcome Legoland...

There’s a reason the roads to Winter Haven have been made wider and better.  LEGOLAND OPENED October 15th 2011. The  arrival of the colorful LEGOLAND theme Legoland, Floridapark is a bright spot  for economic growth of and family enjoyment.

Legoland, FloridaSometimes you have to break traditions to create positive transitions. What was once Cypress Gardens is evolving into a 145 acre, Merlin Entertainment theme park, LEGOLAND. Globally, LEGOLAND has boosted the fun factor and the economy of every town it touches from Europe to California. Locally, businesses and investors are gearing up for the arrival of visitors and visionaries from places far and near.

Merlin Entertainment is known for its high quality family fun theme parks around the world. Now you can live around the corner from one or make a great investment for the future. You may be relocating here to work at LEGOLAND. If so, we’re in the know about where to live according to your standards and desires.

Whether you want a short drive to the park or you prefer to be a bit or more off the beaten path, we can find a property that’s just right for you. Townhomes, lake houses and many of the mid-century modern and turn of the century homes in Winter Haven have been renovated for a quick move in. You may enjoy a more do it yourself renovation. There are plenty of homes that have survived the wrecking ball that will now get to live in the light of the building blocks of LEGOLAND.

The hospitality and location of Winter Haven is precisely what drew LEGOLAND here and brought the residents and businesses a new vitality and renewed spirit. If you’ve caught the spirit and Legoland, FLwant to make the move, call us.

At Michael and Dee Norris we have all the real estate “building blocks” in place to find your place near LEGOLAND!

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